3 Hikes You Need To Explore

In Utah, hiking is a popular pastime and is it really any surprise? With all the beautiful parks, mountains, and red rocks there is a lot of wonderful trails to explore around the state. 

If you are looking for some great, family-friendly hikes, here are 3 we recommend:bdc8ebfa-2202-4128-8df2-bc65f585cc1c

A popular destination for many people is the Grotto Falls. Feel like a kid again as you wander over a river, past narrow tree trunks, and a thundering waterfall (be sure to make it to secret gem at the end). Find out more about the trail here.

Love dinosaurs? The Silver Reef Trail needs to be on your list of trails to hike. This dinosaur-track trail, located at the Red Cliffs Recreation areas near Leeds, Utah, has swimming holes, waterfalls, and much more to take your breath away. Learn more here and be sure to ask about their camping options.

Known for it’s shimmering water and colorful wildflowers, the Cecret Lake is another popular Utah destination for families. Weave your way through Little Cottonwood Canyon to explore the beauty all around and fall in love with Utah all over again. Find out more about this hike, here.

Remember to always take precautions before heading out. Tell people where you are going, when to expect you back, and check the weather report.

Check out Wander Rookie to learn more about all the various hikes around Utah. With so many wonders to be seen around the world, it is cool to think how many of them we have in our backyard.