5 Must Do Projects To Sell Your Home Faster

Your home is an investment. An investment you want to take care of, not only for pride of ownership, but as a financial asset which will pay off in the long run. If you’re ready to sell your home and grow into your next dream home, now is the best time to make the move. shutters-669296_640

As you prepare your home to sale, here are 5 simple projects you can do to help your home look its best and appeal to potential buyers.

  1. Paint the front door. When it comes to selling your home, curb appeal is a big deal. One way to help make your home stand out and appeal to buyers is to give the front door a fresh coat of paint. Pick a color that pops and complements your home. Also, if your door knob is broken, rusty, or has seen better days, replace the knob since this will be noticed by potential homebuyers.
  1. Maintain a healthy lawn. Another important part of curb appeal is taking time to properly take care of your lawn. If you’re lawn is brown and near death, potential homebuyers won’t waste time looking at your home. Now is the time to fertilize, aerate, mow, and water your lawn. The healthier your lawn is the better it will make your home will sale.
  1. Power wash your walkways. Dirt, debris, and other clutter on your pathways is another way to get potential buyers from stopping to look at your home. Take some time now to power wash your walkways and pick up any clutter which will minimize any accidents. Not only does this look better, but it will protect you from any liabilities.
  1. Architectural lights. Floodlights or landscape lighting is a great way to highlight various focal points to show off the beauty of your yard and add depth to your corners. In addition, extra lighting can add a safety feature to your home, steps, and pathways.
  1. Replace any broken window screens. Broken window or screens makes your home look like a dump. Before you put your home on the market, replace any broken windows or screens. This will not only make your home look better, but will increase the value of your home.

If you’re ready to sell your home, your real estate agent can help you decide which home projects will help your home sell faster.

National (Eat More) Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

National (Eat More) Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month canstockphoto5588746

With more than 90 percent of adults and children not eating the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables, eating more matters. Everyone can benefit by adding just one more serving of fruits and veggies and we’re here to help! Following are few tips and reminders to get you trying something new.

Eating enough fruit and vegetables is essential for proper nutrition. But just how much should you eat? You should consume between five and 13 servings per day according to the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. For most fruits and vegetables one serving equals a half cup.

Remember to fill half of your plate at every meal including snacks with fruits and vegetables. All forms including fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100 percent juice count toward your daily intake. For more information, visit Fruit and Veggies – More Matters.

Five quick tips to getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

  1. Breakfast Boost

The benefits of eating a healthy, balanced breakfast are immeasurable! You can jumpstart your metabolism, boost your performance at work or school, maintain a healthy weight and is the perfect time to sneak in and extra serving of fruit or vegetables. For ideas on adding more fruits and veggies to your breakfast click here.

2. Double-Down on Veggies

A little extra chopping can go a long way. Most soup, salad, pasta, sandwich, pizzas and casserole recipes call for a certain amount of vegetables. You can easily double the amount called for in the original recipe to get more servings and increase your vegetable intake.

3. Snack Attack

Healthy snacks curb hunger throughout the day and provide energy along with important nutrients. You can make all of snacks revolve around fruits and vegetables by stocking your countertops, pantries, fridges, desks, cars and bags like purses and back packs with any form to help get you to the daily recommended intake.

4. Dessert – Yes Please!

Desserts tend to get a bad rap for being an occasional sweet treat. However, fruit based desserts not only add an extra serving of fruit to your intake but also offer a light, refreshing and naturally sweet ending to any meal.

5. Supersize Your Salad

The potential for a nutritional gold mine lies within salads. Easily get half of your daily intake with one glorious (and delicious!) salad. Rich with fruits and vegetables an entre-sized salad packed with servings on top of servings is one healthy eating habit you can’t afford not to make!

6 Must Do Habits To Succeed In Life

With the new month, now is the time to set new goals or refocus your objectives. To help give you a fresh start, here are 6 habits to incorporate in your daily routine to boost your success:

  1. Talk it out. Don’t let problems build up. Instead take some time tonight, each month, to discuss your finances and other issues with your spouse. Even if there isn’t an issue right, keeping the communication lines open is important (even in business partnerships).
  1. Make smart hires. If you’re expanding your team, hire new people who will benefit the team and be a team player. Ask yourself, what characteristics do you value in potential hires?275H
  1. Slow down. We live in a busy world, with commitments (both professional and personal) and the constant chatter of social media. Take a moment to slow down, unplug, and reconnect with yourself, family, and friends. Also, when at work, make it a habit to avoid rushing through things and delivering quality work to each project.
  1. Take some smart risks. If you’ve been hesitant to decide on a big decision that’s been on your mind, why not take the leap and just do it? Now is the time to trust your gut and go for it. What do you have to lose and, if nothing else, you’ll learn from the experience.
  1. Partner up. When it comes to personal and professional relationships, you can’t always do things alone. Before you go to bed tonight, write down the names of the people who can help you reach your next goal. Then, ask them to be your mentor or, if they’ve succeed where you want to go, ask them to share their insights and what they did to get there. Most people are happy to share their insights.
  1. Find your why. We all have moments when we feel unmotivated or are unsure which direction to go, but if you know your why—the purpose behind your work—the better you’ll be able to clearly communicate that to your team and clients.

Want to learn a more tips to help you succeed? Check out this article by Success Magazine. Have something to add? Tell us about some things you’ve done to reach your goals below in the comments.

Make the Move Easier With These 5 Tips

So, you’ve just bought your new home or you’re getting serious in your house hunting. As you navigate through the moving process, juggle kids, and deal with the day to day aspects of life, make the moving experience easier with these 5 tips.couch-881125_1280

  1. Decide to keep and throw. Don’t waste your time and energy moving garbage and other junk to your new home. If you no longer want it, love it, or can use it, throw it out. Better yet, donate it to a local charity or hold a yard sale. Who doesn’t want a little extra cash, especially when moving.
  1. Relocating your plants. Most people don’t tend to think of their plants during a move. Help keep your larger plants unbroken by wrapping them in old, large blankets. With plants that are smaller, place them securely in a box with paper around them to hold them still during the relocation.
  1. Moving the big things. When dealing with larger appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, and dryers have a professional or someone who knows what they are doing disconnect them. With freezers and refrigerators, be sure to remove all the food from them, defrost, clean, and dry them before the move. Also, place any extra parts and screws in a plastic bag to keep them for getting lost or misplaced during the move.
  1. Consider your pet’s feelings. Help make your pets feel safe and happy during the move by providing them with a quiet place to settle their nerves. Also, make sure the address on your pet’s collar is updated with the new address in case they escape during the move. Once you are settled in your new digs, allow your pets to wander the home, supervised, to get used to their new home.
  1. Get your kids ready for the move. Take some time to help your kids adjust to the move by scoping out the neighborhood and surrounding parks, schools, and community organizations to see what will be available and where your kids can make new friends.

This is going to be a wonderful new adventure. Help ensure you are ready for it with these other tips from Home Creations.

Home Maintenance for the Spring

Spring is here and you know what that means, it is time to start doing some maintenance on your home. Some things might be obvious, like giving your AC a look over, but what about some of these other things like:

Review your roof. Now is the perfect time to check your shingles to ensure none are loose or broken after the cold, icy winter.

Clean out your gutters. After the winter storms, leaves and twigs could easily get clogged in your gutters and downspouts. Make sure things are running smoothly to protect your home from any water damage from these spring rains.

Declutter your home. This is a great time to get rid of all those items you no longer want. Plus, take a moment to open your windows, shake out your rugs, and wash your electric blankets.

Share your tips with me. What are some things you inspect in the spring?

Before You Buy, Ask Yourself These Questions

Buying a new home can be exciting, but extremely stressful at the same time. There are so many things to take into consideration; knowing what you can afford, getting pre-approved, and finding a qualified real estate agent to help you through the whole process. Then of course there is finding your dream home and knowing exactly what you want and don’t want.Ranch_style_home_in_Salinas,_California

Before buying a home, take a moment to ask yourself some important questions. If you know where you stand, you will have an easier time moving forward with purchasing your next home.

    1. Don’t buy if you can’t stay put. If you can’t commit to staying in a home for at least a couple of years, buying is probably not the best decision for you.
    2. Aim for a home you can afford. Make sure you know how much you can afford, don’t stretch yourself too thin.
    3. Get professional help. A professional real estate agent can help you find the perfect home and assist you strategize the bidding process.
    4. Choose carefully between points and rate. When choosing the right mortgage for you, if you are planning on staying in the home for a long time it is usually better to take the points for a lower interest rate in the long run.
    5. Do your homework before bidding. Know what the sales trends are in the area so you have a clear estimate on what to bid. Your real estate agent can help you here.

For first time homebuyers, there are some further, basic questions to ask yourself such as, how to choose a home, how to make an offer, and transitioning from being a renter to an owner which can help make the home buying process easier.

When moving forward with buying a home, it is recommended to put a down payment of 20% on your home, although it is possible to get a loan with less down. Regardless to how much you can afford to put down, it is important to know how much house you can afford.

Dave Ramsey has some great advice for potential home buyers when making the decision to buy a home along with 3 mistakes to avoid.

Share your thoughts. Is there anything you would add? What do you wish you’d known when you bought your first home?