How To Create The Best Jack-o-Lantern This Halloween

Halloween is almost here. With the excitement of trick-or-treating and putting out your spooky decor, another fun tradition many people enjoy is pumpkin carving. As you can about picking the best pumpkins, here are some carving tips to make the process a little easier.

Make an incision wide enough for your hand to fit easily inside the pumpkin so you can maneuver your hand while cleaning out the inside. Use a spoon to scrap out the inside of the pumpkin, taking care to remove all the seeds and other gunk. If you want to eat the pumpkin seeds afterwards, here is a great recipe to try. Also, take a moment to ensure the base of the pumpkin is flat so your candle stays upright.  4062692354_cfed5b0159_z

Once your pumpkin is cleaned out, use a pattern or create your own to give your pumpkin a spooky design, face, or whatever you decide. There are many great patterns to choose so you’ll probably want to pick up a few pumpkins for all your creations. As you decide your pattern, secure it on the pumpkin with tape and then carefully outline the stencil onto your pumpkin. Use a knife to remove the pieces once the outline is completed.

To help preserve your pumpkins, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly over the cut areas of your pumpkin and any area where the skin was removed. Another thing you can do to help prolong your pumpkin’s life is to store it in the refrigerator  during the day.

Remember, always be careful and use safety measures when using a knife to carve your pumpkins. Learn more about carving here.