Get In The Spirit Of The Season With These Fun Gift Ideas

smallJarsThe holidays are right around the corner. With the Christmas lights, shopping, and get togethers there is a lot of excellent things to do and see to make the season enjoyable. One part of the season, which can be a lot of fun or additional stress, is finding the perfect gift for your neighbors and coworkers.

Homemade Peppermint Bath Bombs.  For those who enjoy scents and baths, these peppermint bath bombs are the perfect gift.

Lumps of Goal. This can be a fun (and tasty) gift to give to friends or coworkers.

Chalkboard Painted Mugs. Who doesn’t love hot coco? Give your friends and coworkers a tasty  gift and in some cozy mugs with this fun gift idea. What is great about these gifts is you can make them personalized and unique to fit each recipient’s personality.

Mason jars are another popular gift, probably because of their diversity. There are many great ideas (for both men and women) you can create such as Christmas in a Jar, Mason Jar Manicure Set, and so much more. The ideas are endless, so set a budget on how much you want to spend and let your imagination go.

Staying Sane During a Remodel

It is always fun to give your home an update, but sometimes that face lift can be more than what you bargained for. Before you start down the path of remodeling, it is important to know what changes you want to make to your home. Take time to really give this some thought, ask family members what they like and dislike about the home, explore magazines for ideas, and think about the traffic patterns of your home.13e9bf62-2c0e-4596-9ece-ebee7a374599

Hiring a qualified professional can be a daunting task. Ask around and see who’ve others would recommend or if there is no one to ask the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) offers a directory of finding someone near you. Use some of these tips for saving money during your remodel.

Before hiring a contractor, it is important to ask what their schedule is. This will give you time line that outlines the tasks and when they are expected to be completed. Some other important questions to ask are: who will be there every day? How will they protect your property? How will they communicate with you? What areas of your home will be off limits to workers? Does your house have an alarm system? Will workers need a key or will someone always be there?

Hold a pre-construction meeting so everyone is on the same page. This allows your contractor to clarify procedures, answer your questions, and explain the whole job process. Remember to establish guidelines for the renovation crew and understand the hours of work, impact on neighbors, and parking and bathroom facilities are all considerations.

One other great tip to keeping your sanity during this whole process, regardless if it is a full-scale remodel or a single room, take a moment to admire and celebrate the process. As writer Chantal Eustace of Tsawwassen said of her renovation: “When a window is installed, admire it. Don’t focus on the exposed insulation beneath it or the unfinished flooring below. Embrace the improvements, one nail at a time.”

What are some questions you would add? What do you wish you had asked before your remodel? Would you do it again?