Realistic Ways to Get Organized

Okay, so this is the year. You’ve decided that you are going to finally get organized and throw out all the clutter around your home.


Where do you even begin? Take a deep breath and check out these tips to making your home a place that brings you joy.

  1. Be realistic. Don’t overwhelm yourself by setting unrealistic expectations of what you want to accomplish in one day. Instead, break it up a little and focus on just cleaning out the closet, uncluttering the desk, or emptying out the garage.
  2. Organizing buddy. If getting organized is not your thing, why not have a friend help you? Or better yet, why not do it together by finding someone who wants to get organized too? That way you both can support each other and make a weekly “show off” date where you can show each other what you’ve accomplished for the week.
  3. Make it fun. Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. Why not organize that drawer while watching TV? Put on your favorite CD, blast it, and mop those floors! What are some other things you could do to make it fun?

One of my rituals, a 5 minute pick-up right before bed. It is amazing how simple it is and what a difference it makes. Each night my family and I do something we call, “room ready,” where we make sure the room is picked up and ready for the next day by picking up our stuff and putting it where it belongs.

What are some of your tips?