Protect Your Pipes From Freezing This Winter

The cold weather is here and with the freezing temperatures, it’s important to protect your pipes from freezing. This year, take some time to make sure the water pipes in your home don’t freeze with these tips:winter-820317_640

Keep your house temperature at 68 degrees (even when gone and for long absences) during the winter to protect your pipes from bursting. To protect your pipes, you can also wrap exterior pipes with heating tape and insulate outside walls of unheated areas in your home. During long absences, turn off the main water leading to your washing machine.

Throughout the winter, watch your pipes for signs of freezing. Take some time during the winter to check the water pressure of your pipes by turning them on and off in the morning and night. Also, check the pipes around your water meter to ensure their is no leakage. If there are cold drafts in your home, caulk the gaps that are close to the pipes.

If you’re pipe freeze, you can use a hair dryer to defrost the pipes. NOTE: if there is any standing water in the area DO NOT use a hair dryer. Instead, heat up some water and soak towels in the hot water. Wrap them around the pipes to help the thaw. When thawing pipes, turn on the faucet nearest the area you’re working. This will allow the melted water to drip out. In the case that the pipes burst, turn off the main water valve and call a plumber.