How to Deal with Bad Neighbors

Image at The Daily Touch

If you are lucky, dealing with difficult neighbors are only stories you hear about. Unfortunately there are times when we get a neighbor who is a nightmare. How do you deal with the annoying and obnoxious neighbor? Communication is important when trying to work with someone with different views ~ with the exception of those who are doing something illegal, then it is best to involve the police. Some tips when dealing with a bad neighbor is:

Get to know them better. It is easier to work out your problems with someone when you are on friendly terms with them instead of strangers.
Deal with problems before they are problems. Are you planning a party? Why not invite the neighbors to join the fun or give them a card with your phone number. That way if the party gets too loud they can give you a call instead of the cops.
Document the problem ~ keep notes with the dates, times and photos, if necessary. This will allow you to look at the whole picture (it is really that big of a deal?), give you back up when you address your neighbor about it and, if push comes to shove, you have something to give to the authorities.

Remember it is not always easy to deal with people, but it is important to take the high ground.

Have you ever lived next door to a difficult neighbor? What are some of the things you did to work it out?